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How can I backup my NTB?
Updated: 01 Aug 2011

There are two options to backing up data from your NTB.

To backup your Layouts only:

1.1. Path: Home - Layouts - Layout Packages - Create

1.2. Then name your package

1.3. Select the Layout to be included and select "Create Layout Package"

1.4. This will create a zip file that you can store in a location of your choosing.

To back up the entire NTB including all data, schedule and configuration etc:

2.1. Path: Setup - Maintenance and Troubleshooting - Backup and Restore

2.2. Insert a USB drive

2.3. Select "Create Backup"

2.4. Select "Create Backup"

2.5. This will create a backup file that you can store in a location of your choosing.

How can I setup Publishing and Subscribing?
Updated: 01 Aug 2011

Please take a look in our Tutorials section.

How can I turn automatically turn a screen off with an NTB?
Updated: 12 Oct 2011

This is normally accomplished by setting your default Schedule Entry to "screen off".
The default Schedule Entry will play if there is nothing else scheduled to play.
Hence you will have to add an additional Schedule Entries to play your required layouts during your operational hrs.
Outside of these schedules the NTB will drop the synchronisation signals to the screen and it will go into standby.
To action this use the following Path: Home: Schedules - Default Schedule

How do I add multimedia files (images, video etc) to a Zone?
Updated: 01 Aug 2011

Use Path: Playlists - -

Now drag and drop the media files from your desktop directly to the playlist.

Note: You will need to use a browser that fully supports HTML 5.0 such as Firefox and Chrome. If you don't have access to one of these browsers you will need to use the "Files and Folders" tab to upload the files.

How do I get my OmniServer Viewer to open VLC
Updated: 19 Oct 2012

Configuring your Omni-Server to use VLC
By default, your TV Server or Omni-Server uses Microsoft Windows Media Player to display television streams in the web interface.
To reconfigure your Omni-Server to use VLC media player instead:

  1. From your Windows desktop
  2. Click the Start button (Windows XP users, choose Run from the Start Menu).
  3. In the field at the bottom, type the following and then hit the Enter key:
  4. \\your.server.ip\system$ (being sure to substitute your.server.ip with the actual IP address of your Omni-Server)
  5. Once connected, drill down through the www folder to the viewer folder by double-clicking their icons.
  6. Open the config.js configuration file in a text editor.
  7. Look for the following entry:

var FORCEVLC = false;
Modify it so that it reads:
var FORCEVLC = true;

  1. Save the file and refresh the web browser.
icon_alert.gif Note: The VLC media player is an open source, third party software project neither officially supported by nor officially endorsed by ONELAN Ltd. Support for VLC media player is not an official feature of your Omni-Server, inasmuch that its feature set and behaviour are in a state of flux and can never be guaranteed.


How do I set-up Ad Hoc?
Updated: 01 Aug 2011

Please see the Tutorials section.

How do you move a complete directory tree (directory with sub directories) onto the NTB?
Updated: 01 Aug 2011

Use FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Note: Search FAQ for information on how to use FTP

How to set NTB video resolution
Updated: 01 Aug 2011

Follow Path: Setup - Screen - VESA CVT - Type the resolution that you require

I want to add a HTML page to a zone that requires a login. How do I implement this setup on the NTB?
Updated: 18 Jul 2013

If the web page requires a username and password to log in, include those in the URL in the format: protocol://username:password@site.

What is the root (master) password for my NTB?
Updated: 05 Sep 2011

The root (master) password can only be obtained via ONELAN Technical Support, so please raise a ticket (top right) with the serial number of your unit and we will happily assist.

What touch screens does the NTB support?
Updated: 25 Aug 2011

Most screens supporting the industry standard HID (Human Interface Device) protocol will function with the NTB.
Rule of thumb: if the screen requires drivers to work under windows it is unlikely to function with the Linux based NTB.
Note: Touch integration requires purchase (and installation) of the Touch Licence on each NTB. This is an activation key that enables this feature.
Without the appropriate License you will not have any touch functionality.